Dinding Waterfall

地点 Location Lambir Hills National Park, Miri, Sarawak.
坐标 Coordinate N4.19881 E114.00803
类型 Profile Stream waterrfall, vertical fall
海拔 Elevation 118m.
高度 Height  
面向 Facing South east.
进入 Access +/-2 hours jungle trekking.                                          
难度 Difficulty 3.
源头 Water source Sungai Liam.
距离 Distance +/-5km from park office.
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite Big dipping pool near the fall. No campsite available.
导游 Guide Nope.
收费 Fee Park entrance RM10.00/pax.

Waterfall rating


不瞒大家,当我们抵达Dinding瀑布时,我们已经在Lambir Hills国家公园里走了接近八个小时。这时的我已经很疲倦了,所以也没多拍什么。我们就像被程序了,就是一直赶路。支持着我一直走下去的是对瀑布的热情,也难为了我的同伴。



Hornestly, i felt exhausted when we finally reached Dinding Fall, we had trekked almost 8 hours. It's the passion of the waterfall exploring give me the strenght to continue moving.




Reaching Dinding Fall at around 5pm. I was thinking that can we just stop and overnight at Dinding Fall as my knees begin to feel weak. No no no, we can't overnight here. I had my work done quickly, and tried to walk out the jungle before dark fall.


Dinding的景点不错,只是基于时间不早和实在太累了,我们没能逗留太久。当我们终于都踏出森林时,已是万家灯火了。我们这一天共走了十小时,感到精 疲力尽。终于都结束了我们在Lambir Hills National Park的2日游,也达到了我们的目标。




We did not stop too long to enjoy the view.


Finally, we reached the carpark at 8pm, my knees were shaking, hahaha... Park renjer had called us twice to ensure we are still alright and do not lost in the jungle.


Today we totally had trekked over 10 hours, visited 4 falls in a day. Completed my 2 days waterfalls journey at Lambir National Park.

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