Muan Waterfall

地点 Location Kampung Gayu, Padawan, Sarawak.                               
坐标 Coordinate

N1.22068 E110.33751 (1st cascade)

N1.22076 E110.33609 (2nd cascade)

类型 Profile Stream, cascade. 
海拔 Elevation 84m
高度 Height   
面向 Facing  East.
进入 Access  Light river trekking.
难度 Difficulty  2
源头 Water source   
距离 Distance  Approx. 500m from Kampung Gayu.
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite  Dipping pool, no campsite available.
导游 Guide  Recommended.
收费 Fee 


Waterfall rating


从Sebarau瀑布出来,再向内地驶去。这里在GPS里是一片空白。在接近Kampung Gayu时,向经过的两个男生询问:“这里附近有瀑布吗?”男孩就表示他们的村附近就有一个,而且愿意为我们带路。


Coming out from Sebarau Fall, we continued to drive and explore the inner land. This area was a blank area in my GPS map. We met 2 kids when we were near to Kampung Gaya.  Both kids said there's a waterfall near Kampung Gaya, and they're willing to bring us there.



We followed the stream behind villager's house, a fallen big trunk just nice enough to be our bridge.

 photo _8087966.jpg




River trekking is the only way to Muan Fall.

 photo _8087964.jpg




Lower of 1st tier Muan Fall.

 photo _8087954.jpg




Upper tier.

 photo _8087948.jpg




Muan main fall in greenish scenery. Muan Fall is a small cascade.

 photo _8087924.jpg




Boys and waterfall.

 photo _8087939.jpg

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