Sungai Yong Waterfall

本地名称  Local Name


Air Terjun Sungai Yong, Ulu Sungai Yong Waterfall

地点 Location Slope of Gunung Cemendong, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
坐标 Coordinate N02.10500 E103.53802
类型 Profile Stream waterfall, cascade.
海拔 Elevation 184m
高度 Height
面向 Facing
North west.
进入 Access Long journey walking thru boring oil palm plantation if not taking 4WD, little bit jungle trekking. The terrain quite slippery near the stream.
难度 Difficulty 3. 
源头 Water source
Sungai Yong.
距离 Distance
+/- 6.4km from the main road.
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite Big swimming pool at the main fall. Campsite found near the stream.
导游 Guide 
收费 Fee

Waterfall rating

A - 步行难度 Trekking Difficulty :  [3]


Jungle trekking on slippery path.

B - 步行时间 Trekking Time :  [2]


Less than 1 hour trekking from campsite.

C - 水蛭数量 Leech Factor :  [3]


A lot of leeches found along the streamside trail. 

D - 车辆行进 Vechicle Accessibility :  [4]


4wd only can reach the nearest carpark to the fall.                                   

E - 惊艳指数 WOW Factor :  [4]


在Gunung Cemendong(靠近Gunung Belumut), Kluang保护公园的某个角落处,拥有一座不太多人知道的瀑布。这里没有任何的指示牌,只有当地的油棕园员工晓得。




This pristine fall is hiding at the Kluang Reserved Forest, foothill of Gunung Cemendong, far away from the main Gunung Berlumut park. There's no signboard, there's nothing to tell you where's the exact location. That's why this fall is not known to public and can be keep in clean condition.

If don't have 4WD, you need to walk to the base campsite like us, spend about 2 hour to walk thru the boring oil palm plantation.

 photo _7255620_zps0444dfd9.jpg
 photo _7255623_zps02a1c4f4.jpg
 photo 10_zps344d3ee3.jpg



After the oil palm plantation, a clear trail is leading to the campsite.

 photo _7255625_zpse680a183.jpg



After the 1st shallow stream crossing, you are near to the campsite. From the campsite, there's no obvious trail to go to the main fall. You just need to trek along the riverbank to upstream direction. Along the way, there are some cascades. Be careful of the slippery terrain. After about 30mins trekking, you'll reach the tall main Sg. Yong Fall.



The cascades along the way...




这就是Sungai Yong主瀑布了,共分成上下两层。总高度超过100米。


The tall Sungai Yong main fall.



Lower tier。



Upper tier。


感谢 Acknowledgment :


Adrian Wong, Harry Nian 带领前往目的地

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