Batu Pahat Slide


本地名称  Local known as


Air Terjun Sungai Batu Pahat, Air Terjun Batu Hampar

地点 Location Lembah Bujang, Merbok, Kedah.
坐标 Coordinate N5.73810 E100.41430.
类型 Profile Stream, slide.
海拔 Elevation 116m
高度 Height
面向 Facing
进入 Access Park walking.
难度 Difficulty See below.
源头 Water source
Sungai Batu Pahat. 
距离 Distance
+/- 2km from Merbok.
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite Small dipping pool, campsite not available. 
导游 Guide 
收费 Fee

Waterfall rating

A - 步行难度 Trekking Difficulty :  [ 1 ]


Waterfall just beside the carpark.

B - 步行时间 Trekking Time :  [ 1 ]


Less than 5 mins walking.

C - 水蛭数量 Leech Factor :  [ 1 ]


No leech found.

D - 车辆行进 Vechicle Accessibility :  [ 1 ]


Carpark can be reached thru good paved trunk road. 

E - 惊艳指数 WOW Factor :  [ 2 ]


Bujang山谷是座富有了价值的古文明遗迹,范围向四处伸展,占地约224平方公里。位置坐落邻近吉打州的Merbok,北方为日来山峰及南方为Muda河。古迹显示这一带曾出现过古印度王朝,可追溯到至少2000年前。超过50座名为Candi的古墓殿已出土,而最伟观又保持得最完整的古殿则坐落在Pengkalan Bujang,Bujang山谷博物院也在此。在这区域里Sungai Batu出土的码头遗迹,炼铁器及古碑为公元110年,可说是东南亚史上最早的人造物。




The Bujang Valley or Lembah Bujang is a sprawling historical complex and has an area of approximately 224 square km. Situated near Merbok, Kedah, between Gunung Jerai in the north and Muda River in the south, it is the richest archaeological area in Malaysia.

These archaeological remains show that there was a Hindu-Buddhist polity here. The name itself is roughly translated into "Dragon Valley". The area consists of ruins that may date more than 2000 years old. More than fifty ancient tomb temples, called candi (pronounce "chandi"), have also been unearthed. The most impressive and well-preserved of these is located in Pengkalan Bujang, Merbok. The Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum is also located here. In the area of Bujang Valley known as Sungai Batu, excavation have revealed jetty remains, iron smelting sites, and a clay brick monument dating back to 110AD, making it the oldest man-made structure to be recorded in Southeast Asia.


More info can visit

 photo PB110160_zps6ed3707b.jpg
 photo PB110076_zpsc9c2c19d.jpg



The building of Bujang Valley Archaeology Muzium.

 photo PB110159_zpsf3a727b2.jpg



Some archaeology displays withn the site.

 photo PB110156_zps849e13cd.jpg



The map near the carpark area shown that there is a trail can lead to Gunung Jerai summit..

 photo PB110057_zps2a8bff3f.jpg



A special to this place is, there is a waterfall picnic area next to the muzium, And this waterfall it just like a big nature water slide. But due to absence of good landing point. It's not advisable to slide down from the top.




Standing at the top of the slide. (Beware of the slippery surface!)




We walked to the upper river, just saw a small cascade within a water catchment area and another cascade above (picture below), no impressive cascade found.

 photo PB110151_zpsbcf1aed4.jpg






感谢 Acknowledgment :


Book of "Waterfalls of Malaysia"     资料提供及参考

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