Telaga Tujuh Waterfall

本地名称  Local Name


Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh

地点 Location Hutan Lipur Telaga Tujuh, Kompartment 8, Hutan Simpan Gunung Matchinchang, Langkawi, Kedah.
坐标 Coordinate N6.38157 E99.67299.
类型 Profile Stream waterfall, seasonal, cascade.
海拔 Elevation 91m
高度 Height
+/- 90m 
面向 Facing
进入 Access Easy access.
难度 Difficulty See below.
源头 Water source Sungai Telaga Tujuh.
距离 Distance
+/- 20km from Kuah.
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite Swimming pool, campsite is available in the park. 
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Waterfall rating

A - 步行难度 Trekking Difficulty :  [1]


Nice picnic spot for family.

B - 步行时间 Trekking Time :  [2]


Easy park walking.

C - 水蛭数量 Leech Factor :  [1]


No leech found. Leeches may found at jungle side. 

D - 车辆行进 Vechicle Accessibility :  [1]


Easy access.    

E - 惊艳指数 WOW Factor :  [4]




Telaga Tujuh瀑布位于Mat Chinchang山区里。这个位于Langkawi西北部的大山,高710米,是全岛第二高峰。当然这座大山也不例外,也拥有一个传说。


传说有两个巨人,分别是Mat Chichang和Mat Raya,在自己儿女的婚宴上吵了起来。大家把各自的厨具跑向对方,这些厨具掉落的地点也成为了今日Langkawi岛上的旅游景点和小镇。一锅的咖哩在争执中被打翻了在Belanga Pecah(破瓷锅),打翻的咖哩在‘Kisap’渗透进土里,剩下的则留在'Kuah'(酱汁)。另一锅的热水则飞跌在Air Hangat(热水),锅之上的柄环则断裂跌落在‘Selat Cincin’(指环海峡)。


这场混乱终于由Mat Sawar给摆平了。后来,他们变成了就是今天的Mat Chinchang山和Raya山。而和事老Mat Sawar则变成了两座大山中间的Bukit Sawar小山。从此之后,他们就和平相处了。

Langkawi Islands is formed by a group of 99 islands which is located at the west territorial water of Kedah. As a world standard tourist spot, this islands is filled with mysterious legends. Asking any local for the story of a pretty lady named Mahsuri, you'll hear about a sad tragic love story of jeolousy and curse on the islands which is lasting for 7 generations.

Telaga Tujuh Fall is located at Gunung Mat Chinchang area. Gunung Mat Cincang is a mountain in the north weastern part of Langkawi island. Though 710 meters in elevation, this mountain is the second highest after Gunung Raya.


There's a legend or fable behind every place is Langkawi, so Gunung Mat Cincang was said to have once been a giant that was embroiled in a fight with another giant over a ruined wedding party of Mat Cincang's daughter & Mat Raya's son. Cutlery was thrown around due to the fight which landed in various places, creating whole towns and convenient island attractions. A big pot of curry for the wedding feast was overturned. It fell on a place in Langkawi now known as Belanga Pecah (Broken Cooking Pot). The gravy from the broken pot seeped into the ground at Kisap and stopped at Kuah (Gravy), Langkawi's capital. A pot of hot water was also sent flying. The water dropped at Air Hangat (Hot Springs) while the pot itself with its ring handles fell into Selat Cincin (the Straits of Rings), the straits that separates Langkawi from Tarutao Islands of Thailand.


However, the fight of giants eventually made peace by Mat Sawar. As repentance, they transformed into the mountains that we know so well today as Gunung Mat Chinchang, in the west, and Gunung Raya, near the southeast section of Langkawi with little Bukit Sawar wedged between Gunung Mat Chinchang and Gunung Raya. The giant/mountains are said to be looking at each other peacefully since then.




Simple map of Telaga Tujuh Recreation Park.




A trail link to the cable car center.


从停车场走向Telaga Tujuh瀑布,就要步行上山坡。


Walking up the hill from the carpark.


来到斜坡的一半,左边就有另一条小径通往Telaga Tujuh瀑布的底部。


By following the signboard, we turned to left junction lead to the bottom of Telaga Tujuh Fall.


Telaga Tujuh是七仙井的意识。记载说这是溪水流经一系列七个天然水池,本地人则坚信是仙子们的戏水地点。


Telaga Tujuh means seven well in English, because the Telaga Tujuh Fall is a stream flows through a series of 7 natural pools. Locals claim that these pools are the playground for the fairies reside in the area. 


这里我们见到了Telaga Tujuh溪水从90米高处坠下。


The stream finally cascades 90 meters down into the seventh pool.




We walked back to staircase. From this board which is placed at the halfway, claimed there's 638 steps staircase to climb to reach the top of Telaga Tujuh Fall. 


好多的梯级哦~ 楼梯旁也建有凉亭和座椅供爬累了的游人休息。一路上我们也和许多游人互相勉励,熬过了那疲累,来到了Telaga Tujuh瀑布顶部,顿时美景不胜收。


The long long staircase... Some shelters and resting points had been built along the way. Most of the visitors we met were complaining about the tired, but the scenery at the top is worth it.




At the top, locals said there are six wells or pools from which water glides delightfully from one pool to another. The stream finally cascades 90 meters down into the seventh pool.


这里还可看到缆车和Mat Chinchang山区的一些顶峰。大家在这里走动可要特别小心了,石面潮湿时将会变得湿滑,一个不小心就会跌下山脚下。几宗意外就在此发生了。


We can view the cable car and from here. Please walk carefully at the rock surface especially near the cliff, it's very slippery when it is wet. Several fatal accidents had been reported.


Telaga Tujuh瀑布,胜利!


Hello to Telaga Tujuh Fall.


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