Kijang Jatuh Waterfall

本地名称  Local Name


Lata Kijang Jatuh

地点 Location Hutan Lipur Lata Kijang, Kampung Esok, Negeri Sembilan.
坐标 Coordinate N3.19470 E101.98797.
类型 Profile Stream, horsetail.
海拔 Elevation
高度 Height
面向 Facing

进入 Access 4wd.
难度 Difficulty See below.
源头 Water source
Sungai Kering. 
距离 Distance
+/-63km from Jelebu.
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite Dipping pool, campsite is available in the park. 
导游 Guide 
收费 Fee

Waterfall rating

Hiking Difficulty : [1 or 3]


如果乘坐普通轿车,则停在Taman Rimba Liar Kijang,步行到瀑布。

Walking down the slope from carpark if your vehicle can reach the last carpark after Kampung London.

Alternative way for those don't own a 4wd, walking from Taman Rimba Liar Kijang would take 2 hours.

Hiking Time : [1]

四轮驱动 = 约5分钟。普通轿车 = 约2小时。

Less than 5 minutes.

Leech Factor : [1]

Vechicle Accessibility : [3]


Bad condition conbination of tarred road and dirt road, a high chasis 4wd vechicle is recommended.

WOW Factor :  [4]


Lata Kijang休闲公园位于Kenaboi保护森林里。如要抵达这公园,建议大家乘塔四驱车前往。


我们,不知天高地厚,决定驾驶我的小车前往。我们使用86号公路从芙蓉市来到Kuala Klawang (Jelebu),再使用N25来到Chenneh村。这里有个路牌指示我们转左进入岔路。刚开始时,路况还很理想。渐渐的,路况越来越坏,到处都布满坑洞。我惟有小心行驶避开坑洞。我还记得村民们惊讶的表情看着我们驶过。也许上天爱和我们开玩笑,这时的天空竟下起雨来,让我们前进更加艰难。当我们左闪右闪抵达Tohor村时已是傍晚7时,也发现前面的路已无法再使用我的车子前进。我们惟有把车子停在村子里,漏夜继续步行到瀑布营区。当然,我们还是安全的抵达了瀑布营区。

Lata KIjang Recreaction Park is located within the Kenaboi Reserved Forest. To access to the park, basically you need a 4wd ride through the bumpy road for about 1 1/2 hour.


But this time, we decided to ride my small car to enter the destination. We came from Seremban by using road no.86 to Kuala Klawang (Jelebu), and then road no.N25 to Kampung Chennah. There is a roadsign asking us to turn left into a village tarred road. At the beginning, the road condition is good for sedan car. But when we drove in further, the road condition became really bad, everywhere are potholes. Because of my low chasis car, I had to drive and avoid the potholes very carefully. I still remember, the villagers are shocked when seeing our car. The god must be kidding, the afternoon was starting to rain and added our trip more challenging. When we reached Kampung Tohor, we found the road condition is impossible for our car anymore. So decided to park the car in the village. The time is 7pm evening, we continued our journey on foot to the waterfall in the raining night! Of course, we are survived walking to the waterfall campsite and had a wonderful night by the stream.. 

淳朴的原住民乡村,Kampung London。是离Kijang Jatuh瀑布最近的村子。


London Village, the nearest orang asli village to Kijang Jatuh Fall.




Long steep slope started just before the village orang asli, London Village.


从Kampung Tohor大约一小时的步行,我们不辞劳苦,终于背着沉重的背包来到了Kijang Jatuh瀑布营区。照片里是一座临近瀑布的凉亭。


After 1 hour walking from Kampung Tohor, we reached the campsite of Lata Kijang. This is the small hut just right beside the waterfall.




A spacious shelter place which great for setting camp and other activities. Sad that it had been destroyed by the hit of flash flood.




The serene environment around the campsite before the flash flood.


公园里主要的景点是Kijang Jatuh瀑布,估计有80米高,可说是森美兰州里最高的瀑布。也有人认为这是全马最高的单一垂落瀑布,但见过了东西马许多座的瀑布后,我并不认为正确。也许只是一些广告台词。


The main attraction of the Lata Kijang Recreation Park - Kijang Jatuh Fall. The estimated 80m height waterfall could be the tallest waterfall found in Negeri Sembilan State, some claimed it as the tallest single drop waterfall in Malaysia. I'm not sure is it true after seeing so many waterfalls in both Peninsular & Borneo Malaysia.




Say cheese!




Attention: The photos within the page are taken before the flash flood in 2010. After the destroyed by the flash flood, the waterfall is closed for the public. No action is being taken at the moment.


2015年,我们再次踏上探索Kijang瀑布之途。这次发现路况已改善了许多,Titi与Jeram Lesong村之间的路况良好,都是新完工的柏油路。在未抵达Esok村前的路段,则有一段正在劈山修路工程中,不晓得这条路是要修到哪里去。至于Esok村到Tohor村的乡间小路,路况都相当良好。Tohor村通往Taman Rimba Liar Kijang的路段现已是石子路,不再是以往崎岖不平的泥路,所以对普通轿车的行进已不是大问题。

I came back to Kijang Fall after so many year in 2015. This time the road condition lead to the Kijang Fall had big changes. The road between Titi and Kampung Jeram Lesong is newly tarred. A road construction is carried out at the section before Kampung Esok, heard that they are building a new highway. The road condition to the Kampung Tohol is acceptable for sedan car. After Kampung Tohol is loose gravel road to the Taman Rimba Liar Kijang

 photo P5310101_zpso4hhr5iq.jpg

从Taman Alam Liar到瀑布的路段不适合普通轿车行驶,所以我们决定步行前往,单程就耗时约2小时。

The road condition between Taman Alam Liar and waterfall is too rough for normal sedan, so we decided to walk to the destination. It took us about 2 hours to reach.

 photo P5310109_zpsb88zkvel.jpg


The 1st bridge.

 photo P5310112_zpszsq4spp6.jpg


2nd bridge.

 photo P5310115_zpsxykssjjd.jpg



This section is the killing part, long stretch of steep uplsope. Here we also walked pass the Kampung London.

 photo P5310118_zps1olsjkyj.jpg


Fuhhhh, finally reach the top of the slope. This open space looks like a good campsite, just is too exposed to the sunlight.

 photo P5310120_zps4xa72fva.jpg

只要步行下这阶梯,Kijang Jatuh瀑布就在下方等着访客的到访。

Walking down the staircase, the Kijang Jatuh Fall is below there.

 photo P5310122_zpsajj6z2wv.jpg

经过洪水洗礼后的Kijang Jatuh瀑布依然美丽动人。瀑布旁的两座凉亭都没了。早晨时段造访,空气非常清新。就算到了约中午时分,微微吹来的山风还是那么的凉快。与前次的比较,这次的水量明显增加了。


Recovered from the damage by flash flood in 2010, Kijang Jatuh Fall is impressive as before. Surrounded by the greenish mountain, even in the noon time, we can still feel cooling breeze.

 photo P5310137_zpsljduinsc.jpg
 photo P5310165_zpsszlazrh2.jpg
 photo P5310169_zpstqmf35ac.jpg


2nd cheers.

 photo P5310177_zpssuc32rjd.jpg

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Tuesday, 16 April 2013 21:39)

    This is an excellent write-up! Thank you for sharing!

  • #2

    Rajathurai Sabapathy (Friday, 04 October 2013 19:43)

    A group of us went up during the Merdeka Weekend 2013. The waterfalls are magnificent. But, you will need a 4WD to go all the way to the falls. The road has rutted quite severely. There's a camping ground provided by Jab Perhutanan which is very cosy. Make sure you contact them before going. Apart from the waterfalls, there is Jeram Berungut which Malaysia's mini answer to the Grand Canyon. Enjoy yourselves!

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    Rachel (Thursday, 19 December 2013 22:04)

    Been to Jeram Berungut once and not a place to go during rainy season. Practically impossible to get out if there's a flash flood. Not to mention having to do river crossings. Please take good care if planning a visit.

    I went to Jeram Berungut with a friend not too long after the 2010 flash flood. He was so shocked at the landscape change .. things look so different from his last visit. He also remarked that the pool was way shallower than before due to more sand being dumped in during the flood.

    Not sure about others but that place gave me weird vibes. Interesting no doubt.