Kekabu Waterfall

本地名称  Local Name


Lata Kekabu

地点 Location Lenggong, Perak.
坐标 Coordinate N5.05015 E100.94152.
类型 Profile River, cascade.
海拔 Elevation 124m.
高度 Height
面向 Facing
South west. 
进入 Access Easy park walking.
难度 Difficulty See below.
源头 Water source
Sungai Tampan. 
距离 Distance
+/- 8.3km from Lenggong.
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite Dipping and swimming pool, campsite is available within the waterfall. 
导游 Guide 
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Waterfall rating

A - 步行难度 Trekking Difficulty :  [1]


Easy park walking.

B - 步行时间 Trekking Time :  [1]


Less than 10 mins walking time.

C - 水蛭数量 Leech Factor :  [2]


Found at wet jungle side. 

D - 车辆行进 Vechicle Accessibility :  [1]


Carpark can be accessed by normal car, good tarred road. 

E - 惊艳指数 WOW Factor :  [3]


就如Perahu瀑布,从Kuala Kangsar使用76号公路往Lenggong方向行驶。但Kekabu瀑布却还需再往前前进多18.1公里,才会看到这路牌及通往瀑布的岔路。


Same as Perahu Fall, drive along the road no. 76 towards Lenggong direction from Kuala Kangsar. But, Kekabu Fall is furter away than Perahu Fall. Drive for about 18.1km more and reach this signboard on the left.

 photo 1_zps4e511704.jpg



Turn left into the small road and drive till the end. Compare with Perahu Fall, this recreation park is build with lots of basic facilities.

 photo 10_zps47044ea6.jpg

Lata Kekabu休闲公园的正门口。


The main entrance.

 photo 11_zpsdbed1339.jpg



The 1st cascade in the park. Below have a deep pool great for swimming.

 photo _2205146_zps7dbee3e0.jpg



Follow the cemented path at the left of the river to the upper part, there's a hanging bridge need to walk across.

 photo _3011798_zps837bdd4a.jpg

Kekabu瀑布就在小径的尽头。主瀑布其实位于蓄水池范围内,本应是外人无法进入,但篱笆门早已被破坏。 在干旱季节,池中央还会出现一个小沙滩。


End of path is the main Kekabu Fall. The main tier is located within the resevoir area and supposed is prohibited to tourist, but the gate had been damaged by vandilism. The center sandy island will appeared during dry season,

 photo _2205167_zps68570308.jpg
 photo _2205154_zps6476195f.jpg



Say cheese !!!

 photo _2205163_zpse804a640.jpg


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