Kinjang Waterfall

本地名称  Local Name


Lata Kinjang

地点 Location Kampung Orang Asli Lata Kinjang, Cenderiang, Perak.
坐标 Coordinate N4.29985 E101.25452
类型 Profile Stream, cascade.
海拔 Elevation 97m
高度 Height
面向 Facing
进入 Access Easy access.
难度 Difficulty 2
源头 Water source
Sungai Kinjang. 
距离 Distance
+/- 4.6km from Cenderiang. 
水池/营区 Pool/Campsite Deep swimming pool, campsite available . 
导游 Guide 
收费 Fee
Parking fee RM1.00.

Waterfall rating

A - 步行难度 Trekking Difficulty :  [1]


Easy walkking.

B - 步行时间 Trekking Time :  [1]


Less than 5 mins walking time.

C - 水蛭数量 Leech Factor :  [1]


Nothing found. 

D - 车辆行进 Vechicle Accessibility :  [1]


Easy access by normal car. 

E - 惊艳指数 WOW Factor :  [4]






这里有个马来传说,据说有个叫Sang Kelembai的红发女巨人,她与孩子住在一起。村民们都很害怕她,因为Sang Kelembai可以诅咒任何东西变成石头。后来她的孩子不幸被大树压死,所以人们相信Kinjang瀑布的石壁是因为Sang Kelembai诅咒而成。


Kinjang Fall (Lata Kinjang), is the spectacular fall which can be seen from North South Highway, around the Tapah area.


There have lot of signboards will lead visitors to the Kinjang Fall.


Kinjang Fall also famous for its legendary Malay character, Sang Kelembai, a female giant with red hair. Villagers feared as her curse would turn anything into rock. who had lived with her child. The rocky terrain of Lata Kinjang was supposedly formed when she cursed the spot where her child was crushed by a tree.






Kinjang Fall had been commercialized to become a famous tourist spot. There's lot of facilities near the entrance, like food stall, shelter and washroom. There're packed with people during weekends and holidays.


There are slides at the 1st tier.




By folow the cement staircase to the upper tier, we saw more and more cascades.






There's a suspension bridge built across the fall.


For adventure seeker, who can still climb up to the top of fall. There's another fall name Yuk Fall (Lata Yuk) at tributary stream.

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